JINQIU HE    何 瑾秋

Jinqiu He, a third-year MFA student, is an active learner and a passionate designer who found her love of theatre in college whilst studying interior design and architecture. Her work is celebrating the dramatic moments within the script. She is pursuing various interests, including: photography, scenic model construction and painting. Jinqiu is using her time at Purdue to enhance her creative aesthetic and develop her skills as a designer. 

何瑾秋是一名硕士研究生,她是一位积极的学习者和热情的设计师,在学习室内设计和建筑的同时,也发现了她对戏剧的热爱。 她的作品正在集中于剧本中的戏剧性时刻。 她有多种兴趣爱好,包括:摄影,舞美模型建筑和绘画。 瑾秋利用她在普渡大学的时间来提升她的创作美感,培养她作为设计师的技能。

Jinqiu He

Purdue Department of Theatre
Yue-Kong Pao Hall of Visual and Performing Arts
552 W. Wood Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2002

he422@purdue.edu I jinqiu6295@163.com 

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