JINQIU HE    何 瑾秋

Jinqiu He is a set designer with a background in interior design and architecture. Her works often reflect the relationships between the set and the performers, as well as celebrate the dramatic movements within the script. After graduation, she tries to expend herself in various areas to enhance her creative aesthetic and develop her skills as a designer; some of the areas including film, scenic paint, property design, costume design and interior design. 

何 瑾秋是一位有着室内设计和建筑背景的舞台美术设计师。 她的作品经常反映表演者与舞台的互动,人类与周边环境的关系,并升华剧本中的戏剧性事件。 毕业后,她尝试在各个领域拓展自己的经验,以提高自己的创作美学和发展自己的设计师技能; 其中包括电影,绘景,道具设计,服装设计和室内设计。

Jinqiu He



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