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By the Way, Meet Vera Stark 《顺便一说,这是维拉斯塔克》 - Fall 2018, Purdue University

By Lynn Nottage

Directed by Ameenah Kaplan

Lighting Design by Garret Bell

Costume Design by Courtney Bourque Frederick

Sound Design by Jeff Sherwood

Technical Director Stephen Frausto


By the Way, Meet Vera Stark uses elegant language to portray the highlights and mysteries of the life of Vera Stark. As one of the most successful African-American women in the 20th Century, Vera lived a life which is comparable to an exciting movie full of adventures and passion. The language of the text corresponds to the free-flowing curvy shapes and varying heights of the stage setting. Each platform indicates distinctive environments which are separated by light bands for highlights. Moreover, each setting presents a particular personality regarding time period, art style, characters’ living conditions and functions. The curved backdrop made up of various sized square panels will be used as a projector screen throughout the two acts. The light will shine from the back to create a sense of mystery.


《顺便一说,这是维拉斯塔克》运用了唯美的语言技巧描述了维拉斯塔克一生的传奇。在二十世纪中,作为一位成功的非裔美国女性,维拉的生活精彩的宛如一场电影充满了冒险与激情。剧作家完美的语言技巧是舞台形状与高度差灵感的来源。每一层平台都显示出角色所处于的独特环境。 此外,每个场景都呈现出不同的时间段,艺术风格,人物生活条件和剧目功能的特殊性。 由各种尺寸的方形面板组成的弯曲背景墙将在整个剧目中用作于投影仪屏幕。 灯光巧妙地照射在平面版上,更加营造出一种神秘感。


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