JINQIU HE    何 瑾秋

Student Health Clinic Redesign 学生健康诊所重设- Student Project, University of Idaho     

Redesign of the Student Health Clinic is a space focusing on humanity to all users, celebrating a healing environment and illuminating adoptable future. Activity color palates, open visualization, circulation that connects staffs and patients together bring more human characteristic into the clinic. Patients and doctors can talk freely even in the reconstructed waiting area. A sense of welcoming and relaxing brought by the clear and intent entrance. By introducing nature light, nature elements and sustainable materials to the space, it links human and environment in a great balance. Renewing materials, furniture and rearrange the space is not only to create a fresh feeling, but to design for flexible future uses. The Student Health Clinic updates to a more comfortable, healthier and peaceful atmosphere.



Floor plan
Health clinic waiting area
Health clinic reception
Health clinic nurse station
Health clinic reception
Health clinic exam room