JINQIU HE    何 瑾秋

The Two Gentlemen of Verona《维罗纳两绅士》 - Spring 2019, Purdue University

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Richard Sullivan Lee & Rich Rand

Lighting Design by Baxter Chambers

Costume Design by Caroline Rein

Sound Design by Krysta Rogers

Technical Director Vincent J. Lobello

The Two Gentlemen of Verona focuses on a variety of themes, including friendship, passionate love, deception and self-recognition. Our design team is conceptualizing the play into 1920s America, which is the era of Art Deco and expressionism, creating a sparkling environment for this early Shakespearean comedy. The scenic design will place locations on a variety of levels, and play with rotating structures [two-sided panels] and other flown elements that can shift quickly. We hope the design will capture the audience’s imagination and embrace the magic of traveling back in time of “the Roaring Twenties”.


《维罗纳两绅士》包含了多种多样的主题,友情,爱情,谎言与自我认知。导演与设计团队将戏剧概念化为20世纪20年代的美国,这是装饰艺术和表现主义的时代,为这部早期的莎士比亚喜剧创造了一个闪亮的环境。 为了简约设计莎士比亚戏剧,各个场景都设立于不同的平台之上,并且使用旋转结构[双面板]和其他可以快速移动的剧院飞行系统。 我们希望这个设计能够促进到观众的想象力,并一起享受“咆哮的二十年代”中的魔力。


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