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These Shining Lives《那些闪耀的生命》 - Fall 2019, Purdue University

By Melanie Marnich

Directed by Emily A. Rollie

Lighting Design by Garrett Bell

Costume Design by Allison Jones

Sound Design by Chris Carignan

Technical Director Stephen Frausto

These Shining Lives (2008), by Melanie Marnich, is a drama retelling a tragic event. It is about women employees that worked in the toxic environment of the Radium Dial Company in the 1920s. Their actions challenged companies to protect the safety of the workers. The touching story circles around the idea of the hidden truth. The usage of transparent scenic pieces will symbolize the untold secrets of the danger the women were experiencing, and the interwoven lines representing the complexity of all humans. We intend for the design to highlight the expression of each character, honoring the real-life heroes and remembering the tragedy of American history.

梅兰妮·马尼奇所写的《那些闪耀的生命》是一部重述悲剧事件的戏剧。 这是关于20世纪20年代在镭表盘公司的有毒环境中工作的女性员工。 他们的行为要求公司保护工人的安全。 感人的故事围绕着隐藏真相的想法。 透明风景片的使用将象征女性所经历的危险的无数秘密,以及代表所有人类复杂性的交织线条。 我打算让设计突出每个角色的表达,尊重现实生活中的英雄,并记住美国历史的悲剧。


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