JINQIU HE    何 瑾秋

Furniture Design "Fear" 家具设计"恐惧“- Student Project, University of Idaho     ​

Spiders have dramatic appearance, including multiple paired of fast moving legs, and numerous shifty eyes, often spawns a sense of mystery and anxiety. Yet, spiders are also beautiful inventive creatures and their creations have awed and inspired. In this furniture design, the organic slender lines of the spider are expressed in the legs while the seat's woven fibers form a web of support. The black color emphasizes mystery, while the eyes in the seat represent the vision. 

蜘蛛戏剧性的外观,包括多对快速移动的腿和许多狡猾的眼睛, 往往产生一种神秘感。然而,蜘蛛同时也是美丽的生物,他们的存在使人感到敬畏与喜爱。在这款家具设计中,自由细长的线条展示了蜘蛛的腿,而座椅的编织纤维网加深了蜘蛛的表现性,凳子上的眼睛更为家具增加了一份生动感。


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