JINQIU HE    何 瑾秋

BOB's Market 鲍勃的超市- Student Project, University of Idaho     


Bob’s provides great services, a clean store environment, and fresh local food. The space emphasizes natural light and elements such as wood finishes with a variety of organic beauty. Design elements within the small town of Sun Valley will be added within the store to provide a cohesive environment. The main idea of the store is to create a flexible space, adaptable to any changes; and easy way finding methods with noticeable signage. Most importantly it gives a positive friendly experience for everyone.  While the store brings modern design features by efficient and sustainable materials technology is another feature that the store provides to attract young and technical shoppers.The store itself will celebrate a rustic mix of modern characteristic through visual branding while merging the store into the Sun Valley style. 

Market fresh salad bar
Market check-out
Market fresh bakery
Market elevation
Market elevation
Market elevation
Market elevation