JINQIU HE    何 瑾秋

Xinmin St. Redesign 新民大街城市重新设计- Student  Group Project, Jilin Jianzhu University     ​

Reinforce the historical significance of the site by making the area a cultural axis of the city:

1. Improve the density on the site

2. Improve the function of different areas threw diversity

3. Create shared cultural spaces

4. Make the site respond better to the needs potential users, local users, and future users

5. Use business, social, and cultural spaces to draw people in 


1. 提高场地使用密度

2. 提高地区的功能多样性

3. 创建共享的文化空间

4. 市场底更好的响应潜在用户,本地用户以及未来用户的需求

5. 使用商业,社会和文化空间吸引人们使用设计空间

Bird eye view of the street
Redesign  of the street
Human behavior analysis
Human behavior analysis
Human behavior analysis
Area function analysis
Street View
Redesign bird eye view