JINQIU HE    何 瑾秋

Hartung Theatre Lobby Redesign Hartung 剧院大厅重设 - Student Project, University of Idaho     ​

Hartung Theatre is a functional and adaptable space that emphasizes dramatic visual interior lighting and elements. Design elements from the original interior and style will be kept, working seamlessly with the interior. New designs and college productions will be put on display and ensure the future space is ongoing without disregarding their past. The building’s functionality is found in its ability to invite visitors to enjoy the plays. An open floor plan, color collage, easily read signage and, most importantly, new finishes will bring more lively features in the space. A spacious box office with highlighting color and cove lighting brings attention to the interior. Additional lounge space provides space for audiences to explore the theatre, mingling with company before and after the show. The curved wall is used for productions display for costume design and scenic design; furthermore, a wall for founders’ names will be featured. The exciting new waiting lobby in Hartung Theatre breaks the traditional theatre design concept in many different ways.


Hartung 剧院是一个功能和适应性强的空间,强调戏剧性的视觉室内照明和元素的空间。设计元素将原有的室内和风格将保持,无缝地展示和共享未来,新的室内设计将学院不可忽视的过去也统统展现出来。这座建筑的功能在于它能吸引游客去欣赏戏剧。开放的平面图,混搭色彩,明了的标牌,最重要的是新的空间材料会带来更生动的特点。开放式的票务处,突出了色彩和照明,吸引了室内的注意;增加的休息室的空间,在演出前后为观众提供了探索剧场的空间;曲线墙已经被用于服装设计和舞台美术的产品展示。此外,更有一部分的墙体会展示赞助商的名字。Hartung剧院的新大厅以许多不同的方式展示了激动人心的传统,打破了传统的剧场设计理念。 

Original entrance
New theatre entrance
Original office box
New theatre box office
Original lobby
New theatre entrance
Original lobby
New theatre lobby