JINQIU HE    何 瑾秋

Pillow Design ”Makura” 枕头设计- Student Project, University of Idaho     ​

The basic shape and form looks like Japanese Edo Period makura. I used the form and organized patterns to create a balanced pillow structure, by using the specific angles on the Japanese Architecture roof, or beam and column structures to build on the side of the pillow; carve out the shape on the six sides of the pillow box, to show more movements on it. The shapes and other interesting symbols I learned on the Japanese Ukiyo-e and Kimono.



基本的形状和形状看起来像日本江户时代的g高枕。 使用形状和有组织的图案来创建一个平衡的枕头结构,通过使用日本建筑屋顶上的特定角度,梁和柱结构建立在枕头的一侧; 在枕头盒的六个侧面上雕刻出形状,以显示更多的线条。 并在枕头上描绘着日本浮世绘和和服上学到的多种图案。

Front view
Back view
Front detail
Back detail
Joint detail